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Kubernetes installation

authentik is installed using a helm-chart.

To install authentik using the helm chart, generate a password for the database and the cache, using pwgen -s 50 1 or openssl rand -base64 36.

Create a values.yaml file with a minimum of these settings:

secret_key: "PleaseGenerateA50CharKey"
# This sends anonymous usage-data, stack traces on errors and
# performance data to, and is fully opt-in
enabled: true
password: "ThisIsNotASecurePassword"

enabled: true
- host: authentik.domain.tld
- path: "/"
pathType: Prefix

enabled: true
postgresqlPassword: "ThisIsNotASecurePassword"
enabled: true

See all configurable values on artifacthub.

Afterwards, run these commands to install authentik:

helm repo add authentik
helm repo update
helm upgrade --install authentik authentik/authentik -f values.yaml

This installation automatically applies database migrations on startup. After the installation is done, navigate to the https://<ingress you've specified>/if/flow/initial-setup/, to set a password for the akadmin user.

It is also recommended to configure global email credentials. These are used by authentik to notify you about alerts, configuration issues. They can also be used by Email stages to send verification/recovery emails.